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B'nai B'rith Sixty-ninth Annual Student-Athlete Award

Each nominee is evaluated on his or hers athletic ability (65%), scholastic ability (25%), and school and community activities (10%). Only sports the student completes in grades 10-12 are evaluated. Student transcripts are submitted to the Admission's Office at California State University, Fresno for evaluation of the student's grade point average as if that student was applying for admission to the university. Each nominee receives a $500.00 scholarship and the overall winner receives $2,500.00 which is to be used to further his or her education. 
Deadlines - Given to the athletic office by February 28, 2020.
Checklist- Transcripts_______Two Senior Pictures_______Letter from Principal_______
Letter from nominee_______ Summary of Athletic Ability_______Parents names, telephone, and address_______
8 1/2 x 11 manila folder with name of student and high school_______
Imgaes for video presentation (see requirements below)_______
Student-Athlete Image Requirments- We need 30-50 good quality scans plus award certifiactes(scanned) illustrating the student's life and accomplishments, from elementary school through high school. Photos on a flash drive in .jpeg formate are preferred. Do not send individual photos. Senior yearbook pictures are very important, please include them (scanned). Newspaper articles do not reproduce well in video format, please do not include them. Please keep group photos to a minimum as the audience will not be able to recognize the nominee in a group. Please include images (scans) of extracurricular activities as well as sports activities.
The materials provided should match, as much as possible, the narrative information contained in the student's nomination letter and personal essay. It is very important that the student information forms be completed with as much information as possible as the video presentation of each student relies upon information obtained from these forms.

Junior League of Fresno-Senior Girl Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This award is presented to honor female athletes from 22 local high schools and recognizes them for their outstanding contributions to athletics, academics, and citizenship. They will be awarded a medallion and scholarship in the memory of our fellow Junior League Member and Senior Girl Athlete Program creator, Dorothy “Dottie” Rohlfing.
Qualifications- To qualify, the applicant must be a female graduating senior.
Candidates will be judged on:
Athletic Prowess-60%
Academic Achievement-30%
Community Involvement-10%
Deadlines - Given to the athletic office by February 7, 2020

CIF Central Section Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This award is presented to honor thirty-four outstanding students in the Central Section and will consist of two awards to be given to the one male and one female candidate, from each league. Each winner receives a $500 scholarship and will be recognized at the year-end CIF Federated Council dinner in April.
Qualifications- To qualify, the applicant must be a graduating senior, possess no less than a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, have participated in two varsity sports in the Central Section for at least two years and have a record of good citizenship.
Candidates will be judged on:
Athletic Prowess- 50%
Academic Achievement- 35%
Community Involvement- 15%
Deadlines - Given to the athletic office by February 7, 2020

CIF State Spirit of Sport Award

This award recognizes one male and one female state-wide winner during each season of sport. Student-athletes are selected based on exemplary sportsmanship, school/community service and leadership. Each winner receives a patch, award, a $500 scholarship and will be recognized at the year-end CIF Federated Council dinner in April.
Deadlines - must be postmarked by date below
Fall 2019: Monday, October 14, 2019
Winter 2020: Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Spring 2020: Monday, February 24, 2020

CIF State Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This prestigious program recognizes 2 student-athletes based on excellence in athletics, academics and character. One male and one female statewide winner will each receive $5,000 as well as a visit to the State Capitol in Sacramento where they will be honored in front of the legislature.
Deadlines - must be postmarked by February 10, 2020.
Mail to: CIF State Office Attn: CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year 4658 Duckhorn Drive Sacramento, CA 95834

SJVOA Officials Association Memorial Scholarship

The SJVOA Officials Memorial Scholarship was established to honor local officials: Mr.Katen, Mr. Penberthy, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Lemon and Mr. Medina. The scholarship is looking to recognize senior student-athletes who want to continue their education and to recognize student-athletes, for being just that, a student and an athlete. We fully realize that many student-athletes will never play another minute of team sports once this senior season is over. However, almost every student-athlete wants to have an opportunity to improve themselves and their future. We want to recognize them for their academic persistence, their athletic dedication, and their community involvement by awarding them this scholarship. We are looking for that student-athlete who fits this role. Someone who is a motivational player. Someone who is a leader. Someone who gives their team that spark when they need it. Yet, is someone who gives back to their school and community. These descriptions characterize our friends and fellow officials.
Deadlines - must be postmarked by April 5, 2019.
Mail to: SJVOA Officials Memorial Scholarship Randy Wright 5481 N. Hazel Fresno, CA 93711

Professional Athletes Foundation Scholarship

The PAF Student Scholarship is designed for high school athletes with intentions
to attend a 2-year or 4-year college or university. The scholarship rewards high school
athletes for their non-athletic achievements and assist them in achieving their academic
career goals.
1. Overall High School Grade Point Average of 2.0 or better;
2. Must be a high school senior;
3. Acceptance into a two-year or four-year college or university;
4. Nominated by high school coach;
5. Participated at the varsity level in athletics for at least one year;
6. Has not accepted a full scholarship award or grant (athletic or academic);
7. Is not the son or daughter of current or former NFL Player.
Criteria for Evaluation
1. Career goals;
2. Nomination by coach;
3. Academic achievement;
4. Potential for success;
5. Leadership and character;
6. Indication of how athletic competition has aided in personal growth.
Nomination Materials
The following materials must be provided to the Scholarship Committee:
1. Application completed by student and signed by high school counselor;
2. Essay provided by student 500-700 words;
3. High school transcript;
4. Coach’s nomination form and nomination letter.
Deadlines - must be given to Ms. Conway by February 12, 2020.