Hello and welcome to our community!

Central Community,

Thank you for being a part of our Grizzly family.  Our Central High School team is dedicated to serving the students and community and continuing the strong “History, Tradition, and Legacy” of Central High School.  As we just celebrated our 100-year birthday last year we look back on amazing memories and achievements and look forward to even greater achievements for our students and families in the years ahead.


We are proud to offer our students career technical pathways such as Agriculture, Criminology, Education, and Health Careers. These pathways are led by highly competent and caring individuals who are the tops in their respective fields.   And, our students are having great individual and collective success in these pathways.


We are also proud to offer a dual enrollment program in partnership with Fresno City College that can change the college game for students in the future.  Students can earn anywhere from 3 college credits, to an Associate's Degree from Fresno City College. A Majority of these classes have augmented grades like AP classes (which also we have as well), which can increase students GPA’s beyond a 4.0 in a way we have never previously experienced.  Between the GPA boost and savings in money paid for college, and the fact that students take these classes during the school day, our students are accelerating their paths in phenomenal ways.


The staff has also been innovative with policies designed for maximum student success. One such policy is the opportunity for students to retake an assessment, and earn up to full credit. We want students to try hard the first time on an assessment, but we also realize that they are human and sometimes don’t understand the subject the way they might want to that first time.  We want to support students in reaching their academic goals.  So our staff encourages and welcomes that re-learning and the re-taking of that assessment. We have also worked as a staff to build relationships that are respectful of one another.  Each class has respect agreements and works through these agreements to build those relationships.


For whatever reason or reasons you choose Central High School as your school of choice we look forward to partnering with you to make your high school experience the best and most successful it can be.  Please call me or one of our counselors if you would like to talk with someone about our programs and how that fits your hopes for high school.


Dave Holtermann


Central High School

[email protected]

(559) 276-5276 (ext. 61109)