Hello and welcome to our new website!

Hello Grizzlies, and welcome to the new Central High School (Formerly CHS West) website!

We are honored and excited to be a school of choice in Central Unified. This means no matter where you live within our district you can choose to be a part of Central High School next year.  There are many fabulous reasons to choose Central High. Reasons include having the interest to be a part of our Agriculture, Criminology, Education or Health Careers (Career Technical Education or CTE) pathways, which will only be found at CHS.  Or, you might want to come to CHS for the Early College dual enrollment offerings.  Early College courses are courses that give students college credit and high school credit at the same time.  Grizzlies could also take a combination of CTE pathway and/or Early College courses. Or, you may want to be a part of a small campus experience while still having the opportunity to participate in activities, rallies, award-winning Visual and Performing Arts programs, and championship-winning athletics.

Our ultimate vision is for every student to be prepared for success in college, career, and community.  Through our programs, and a focus on great instruction in every classroom, we believe that every student can learn.  In fact, not just learn, but learn at high levels.  And, we would like to work with our families and our students to make this vision happen. We also believe that our partnership with our parents and students is critical for student success.  We want our students to own their learning, but we know that good communication with parents helps this ownership to happen. Parents, if you have any questions please feel free to email or call your child’s teacher or counselor and we will be happy to support you in supporting your student. 

Please watch the introductory video on the main page of this website. It is an excellent informational overview of the programs at Central High School starting next year. Or, you can find the parent night videos on the Central Unified School District YouTube channel. We would be excited for you to join us by selecting Central High School as your high school, and becoming part of the history, tradition, and legacy of Central High School!

Dave Holtermann
Central High School