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Frequently Asked Questions 
When do pathways courses begin at different years of high school? 
  • CTE pathways can be completed over a two to four year period and are dependent on career pathway requirements. Counselors can assist in answering questions for specific pathways. 
If you start in one pathway, can you switch to another? 
  • Yes. However, it is recommended that students try to stay within one pathway to ensure completion. 
Is it a requirement for students to choose a pathway? 
  • Students do not have to choose a pathway, but we encourage students to take classes that pique their interest to foster college/career readiness. 
If my student will be a junior next year, would he be able to complete the medical pathway with certification? 
  • Yes. In order to receive NATP Certification, the student will need to successfully complete the ROP Nursing Services course. 
Is a student able to complete the requirements to be successful in the pathways while participating in sports? 
  • Yes. The counselors will work with individual students on how to make particular situations work for each student. 
For more information on any of our CTE Pathways, please visit your counselor. 
Mrs. Gurpreet Dhillon - [email protected]