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CSF- California Scholarship Federation

**Applications are available in the College & Career Center Office. You can also print your own or submit online by clicking on 'CSF Application' to the right of the screen. Refer to the 'CSF Course Lists', if necessary.
1st Meeting- Thursday, September 1st at lunch (Room 67)
The California Scholarship Federation is an honor society that encourages high academic achievement and promotes the idea of service to the community.
  • Freshman (in January – with fall semester grades – for unofficial membership – no dues collected)
  • Sophomores (in January – with fall semester grades – dues collected.)
  • Juniors (in August and January – with spring and fall semester grades – dues collected)
  • Seniors (in August and January – only if they held previous membership – no new members, since they won’t be able to complete at least four semesters as first-time members – dues collected)
The first three weeks after Semester 1 ends (using Fall grades) · The first three weeks of a new school year in August (using Spring grades).
Membership must be applied for each SEMESTER and is based on grades from the prior semester.
  • You’ll need proof of your grades from the prior semester using any ONE of the following methods: - a copy of your transcript - a copy of the grade reports that were mailed to you - a grade printout from Aeries
  • You’ll need to complete an application and be approved.
  • Upon approval, you must then pay a membership fee of $10.00 to cover the cost of the items that will be awarded to qualifying members. If you can’t afford the fee, please speak with the adviser to see if an exception can be made.
  • To apply you should have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.375 and your grades must add up to at least ten points, with an A being 3 points and a B being 1 point (AP and Honors add 1 point for an A or B only), and not having to use more than five classes (from the list of classes provided on the application form) to get the ten points. There are no points for a C, and a D or F in any class automatically disqualifies you for that particular semester’s membership.
Students who maintain membership for a minimum of four semesters (one of which must be using grades from their SENIOR year) are awarded Life Membership. Those who maintain membership for a total of six semesters are awarded 100% Membership. Freshman year does not count toward official membership; They are only recognized as unofficial members. Life Members receive a CSF Life Membership pin, a certificate, a CSF tassel, diploma seal, and an Honor Cord to wear at graduation 100% Members receive a special medal, in addition to the above. For more information about California Scholarship Federation, see Mrs. Lynd in the Career Center.